My first ever first challenge : BLUR

DSC00729So my first ever photo challenge ( and I have to say, this is exciting) Blur. I have to tell you right now, this picture is blurred on purpose! And there is a story behind it (kind of). My partner’s cousin came over to Perth for 5 months and he takes awesome pictures with his own awesome camera (which is maybe why I got one for christmas) and so, we went out to take a few shots one day and he had found this cool effect, I don’t really know how to describe it but; my partner was on his skateboard and when the shot was taken it seemed like he was going faster than light… Can you imagine the picture?

Anyway, I wanted to do the same thing and he told me that the subject doe not need to move (and it is easier to do that way). So, I took my tripod, my camera and my innovative brain (lol) and worked on it… AND TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…. So what do you think?


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