A new challenge: Afloat

The new and the old

I really wanted to go out and take some pictures for this new challenge yesterday, but the weather was so unstable… We went out at the end but the pictures are not perfect and I couldn’t study the subject as much as I wanted with these clouds menacing to pour rain over our heads again.

So, I hope that this post will work out as I hope it would… I want to post a few pictures and I hope I can do that in one post.

Well I should explain what’s behind the pictures I took then, I don’t know if it will appear in the same order but let’s try:

Afloat in the sky – Parents taking advantage of this windy day to get their children out of their i-pad/computer/TV for a fun afternoon flying their kites. When I was little I remember running around the house with my kite to make it fly because there was no wind… It made me smile as I remember my grand father desperately trying to teach me how to make it fly.

Afloat on the water – Here is the obvious birds floating above water but also the reflection of the sun.

Afloat on the water – I never realise how light a feather can be… If you realise, a feather by itself is free. It can travel in the air and at sea… (I don’t know what’s happening to me this morning)

Afloat on the ceiling – Balloons are funny. They seem to see the world upside down… What is to be the floor for us seems to be the ceiling for them and what is to be earth for us seems to be the sky for them…

Afloat between water and sky – Here it seems like the woman below is helping the woman above to float above the sea, into the sky to touch the sun.

Afloat in the wind – Well this picture speaks for itself (or doesn’t speak much – I thought it was a nice picture and it deserved to be in here ^^) ~ Australia Day 2015

And finally

Afloat – This last picture represents the ball afloat making the chain seem to be so light that with wind could just blow it like a string attached to a balloon. But it is also the reflection a of landscape in the balloon that seems to float.

Please leave comments!!!! ^^

Weekly challenge: AfloatDSC00495DSC00695DSC00699DSC00793DSC00799DSC00810photo 1


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